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A Tranquil Oasis

Concord, located just north of Toronto, offers a harmonious blend of suburban living and industrial vibrancy. Its tranquil surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for celebrating life's meaningful moments.

Gateway to Elegance

Concord is easily accessible through two provincial highways: Highway 407 and Highway 400. This convenient accessibility makes it a gateway to elegance and sophistication for its residents and visitors alike.

Boundaries of Beauty

Concord's boundaries are defined by Steeles Avenue to the south, Highway 400 to the west, Dufferin Street to the east, and Rutherford Road to the north. The district also extends its charm to include the Carrville neighborhood east to Bathurst Street between Rutherford and Highway 7.

A Rich Historical Tapestry

Concord's history is interwoven with tales of the past. Once a postal village established in 1854, it traces its name back to Hiram White, who brought the essence of Concord, Vermont, to Vaughan. The district's past is illuminated by the Northern Railway of Canada, which established a stop called Thornhill in 1853. Renamed Concord by the Canadian Northern Railway, this stop held a significant place in the region's history until its closure in the 1960s.

Floral Artistry Unveiled

At Moon's Flowers, we believe that every moment deserves to be celebrated in style. Our meticulously crafted floral arrangements add an exquisite touch to your special occasions. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just a heartfelt gesture, our designs transform your emotions into stunning floral expressions.

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When you desire the finest flower delivery service in Concord, Moon's Flowers is your choice. With our artistic floral creations, timely deliveries, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we make gifting flowers an enchanting and memorable experience. Let the natural beauty of flowers express your emotions, elevate your special occasions, and spread joy and happiness in Concord. Place your order with Moon's Flowers today and let the enchanting blooms work their magic!

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At Moon's Flowers, we are delighted to extend our flower delivery services to a multitude of enchanting locations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). From the lush landscapes of Brampton and Burlington to the vibrant streets of Toronto and the elegant neighborhoods of Vaughan and Markham, our commitment to delivering fresh and captivating floral arrangements knows no bounds. Whether you're seeking to brighten up an event in Mississauga, add a touch of elegance to a moment in Richmond Hill, or share your heartfelt emotions in Scarborough or North York, our dedicated team ensures that your carefully chosen blossoms arrive at your desired destination with the same care and passion that goes into crafting each arrangement. Discover the beauty of Moon's Flowers as we bring the magic of nature's finest creations to your doorstep, wherever you are in the GTA.