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Nestled within its distinct borders, Scarborough unfolds as a dynamic district of Toronto, Canada, where cultural richness and natural beauty converge. Moon's Flowers takes pride in offering its exceptional flower delivery services to this vibrant community, allowing you to celebrate Scarborough's essence with the enchantment of fresh blooms.

Boundaries that Frame Diversity

Scarborough's borders are a reflection of its vibrant character, encompassing Victoria Park Avenue to the west, the Rouge River, Little Rouge Creek, and the Scarborough-Pickering Townline to the east, Steeles Avenue to the north, and the tranquil shores of Lake Ontario to the south. This diverse geography contributes to Scarborough's unique identity.

Waterways and Topographical Charm

Scarborough's landscape is artfully shaped by two dominant watersheds: Highland Creek and the Rouge River. Highland Creek meanders through the western half, embracing nearly 70% of the district's expanse. The eastern portion is caressed by the gentle flow of the Rouge River. These waterways, carrying the stories of the land, gracefully cascade into Lake Ontario.

A Tapestry of People and Life Stages

Statistics Canada's 2021 Census provides a glimpse into Scarborough's vibrant population. Within its borders, census districts housed 629,941 residents, crafting a mosaic of cultures and lifestyles. The district's land area of 187.70 square kilometers hosts a dynamic population density of 3,356.1 people per square kilometer.

A Reflection of the Ages

Scarborough's age demographics tell a tale of diversity and evolution. The majority of residents, between 25 and 64 years old, contribute to the bustling activity of the district. While the working-age population dominates, Scarborough cherishes its young souls, with 21% aged 14 years or younger and 15% between 15 and 24. As Canada's population ages, Scarborough follows suit, with projections indicating that nearly 30% of residents will be senior citizens by 2041.

Scarborough: Where Culture Meets Nature

As Scarborough evolves, Moon's Flowers extends its graceful touch to your moments of celebration, reflection, and remembrance. Our carefully crafted floral arrangements capture the spirit of Scarborough's diversity, be it marking milestones, sharing emotions, or simply embracing the beauty of life. Join us in weaving the essence of Scarborough into the language of flowers.

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When you desire the finest flower delivery service in Scarborough, Moon's Flowers is your best choice. With our artistic floral creations, timely deliveries, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we make gifting flowers an enchanting and memorable experience. Let the natural beauty of flowers express your emotions, elevate your special occasions, and spread joy and happiness in Scarborough. Place your order with Moon's Flowers today and let the enchanting blooms work their magic!

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