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Nestled at the geographical coordinates 44.05°N, 79.46°W, and adorned with an elevation of 252 meters above sea level, Newmarket emerges as a picturesque town in Ontario, Canada. Moon's Flowers is delighted to extend its exquisite flower delivery services to the enchanting community of Newmarket, inviting you to celebrate life's moments with the elegance of fresh blooms.

Where Nature's Beauty Meets Urban Elegance

Newmarket's allure lies in its unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. The town is artfully bounded by Aurora to the south, King to the west, East Gwillimbury to the north, and Whitchurch–Stouffville to the east. This harmonious convergence creates a canvas where rolling hills, watercourses, and reservoirs coexist with vibrant urban landscapes.

A Symphony of Waterways and Reservoirs

Newmarket's heart is gently caressed by the East Holland River, locally known as "The Holland River," which weaves a serene melody through the town. Tributaries like Bogart Creek, Western Creek, and Tannery Creek add their notes to this watery symphony. Two enchanting reservoirs, Fairy Lake and Bogart Pond, grace Newmarket with their presence, offering recreational havens that echo the town's tranquil charm.

A Tapestry of Glacial Heritage

Newmarket's landscape narrates the tale of the last ice age through glacial deposits known as "Newmarket Till." These deposits, predominantly sand and gravel, cradle the town's foundation. The gentle undulations of the terrain stand as remnants of the icesheets that once covered the area, leaving behind a landscape that captivates with its beauty.

A Flourishing Community

In the 2021 Census of Population by Statistics Canada, Newmarket welcomed a population of 87,942 residents living in 31,239 private dwellings, reflecting a 4.4% growth from its 2016 population. Occupying an area of 38.5 square kilometers, the town boasts a population density of 2,284.2 individuals per square kilometer, a testament to its vibrant community.

A Beacon of Prosperity

Newmarket's economic vitality shines through its median household income of $95,589 in 2015, surpassing the provincial average. With projections indicating a population of 98,000 by 2026, Newmarket stands as a town flourishing with promise and potential.

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